I wonder if these wack niggas realize they wack, And they the reason that my people say they tired of rap. Common  (via hip-hop-quest)

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Lil’ Kim


have you ever had to restart a song because you spaced out and weren’t appreciating it enough

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Since a not that long time i am the type of person who is busy trying to be fully happy with who i am and what i do. It took me like my whole lifetime to notice that i’m not here to be like you cause it’s ok and it’s right.
From now on it’s only me improving what i wanna do. Looking for nothing ain’t shit.

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Lil’ Kim @lilkimthequeenbee shared this photo just moments ago. We’re not sure whose Kim’s new (or old) stylist and makeup artist but she’s been looking amazing since having newborn baby girl Royal. #lilkim #beauty #style #fashion #celebritystyle #celebrityfashion #celebritybeautysecrets #celebritynews #cottenkandi


Not enough notesssss


A Tribe Called Quest - Butter

The Low End Theory (1991)

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12 year olds are having sex and i can’t even order in mcdonalds without panicking

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I honestly lost my interest on tumblr and i got a lot of reasons why i actually wouldn’t mind deleting my blog but the main reason is the simple fact that most of the people here only run their blog to promote themselfes on here.
I’m not talkin about that posting pics and such things! It’s more about that claiming to be this and that shit. But that’s just another thing i shouldn’t really give a fuck about when you would stop “stealing” posts and even text-posts i put on my blog to express myself.
But NOOO so many people only follow to post it as their own, to get followers and keep on doin it…
And that makes no sense and that’s it.
I won’t delete my blog but i’ll only be on here when i feel like expressing myself or when i got something to show (cause many fake ass hip hop blogs don’t seem to).

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Nasty Nas.